Bekijk hier de reviews van Shell in Breda West

3.7 Super Gebaseerd op 87 reviews
5/5 beoordeling 8 months ago - Saturday, 12 October , 2019

Radoslav Aleksandrov schreef: Big truck parking.

4/5 beoordeling 3 years ago - Thursday, 29 June , 2017

Chios Apostolos schreef: Great for a quick stop

5/5 beoordeling 10 months ago - Wednesday, 28 August , 2019

Eric Dunn schreef: Excellent motorway service station.

5/5 beoordeling a year ago - Wednesday, 02 January , 2019

Charles Smeets schreef: I called the gasstation at Hazeldonk to ask about a lost wallet. They did everything they could to help me and even looked at the camera's to see if I had dropped the wallet. Thanks a lot for your time and patience!

5/5 beoordeling 2 months ago - Saturday, 25 April , 2020

Donatas Brikas schreef: Good!

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